Boney Mountain State Wilderness

Boney Mountain near southernmost Newbury Park, California is a prominent mountain and at 2,825 ft. one of the highest peaks in the Santa Monica Mountains. It is also known as Boney Peak and Mount Boney. The mountain contains four of the highest peaks in the coastal range of the Santa Monica Mountains: Boney Peak, Sandstone Peak, Exchange Peak, and Tri Peaks. The highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains is Sandstone Peak (Mount Allen), situated less than a mile northeast of Boney Peak along the same ridge of volcanic rock. It is the top section of a mass of volcanic rock which solidified around 15 million years ago, and was later uplifted to its present dominant position, overshadowing Newbury Park. The Chumash Native Americans have a long and deeply spiritual history of interaction at and near the mountain, and the peak is considered a sacred mountain to the Chumash people.


Check out this outside link for more about this location’s early inhabitants:

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